Curaçao recognizes that it cannot be all things to all people, nor can it compete head to head with global competitors in all areas. Accordingly, the economic development focus will be on the sectors listed above where it can best compete globally. However, for these sectors to prosper, it is important that their development and promotion be a part of a larger strategy for Curaçao. This strategy includes fueling growth through development in Education and nurturing the Curaçao Experience. We believe this strategy of Education & Sophistication will not only be a catalyst to growth, but help define Curaçao's position in the minds of sophisticated tourists and investors alike

Curaçao is a unique island, and as defined by the Tourist Board's campaign is "Real. Different." We believe that Curaçao's authenticity and unique characteristics can be nurtured to truly "Define a New Way of life," and in doing so create a fertile opportunity for savvy investors and a unique experience for sophisticated travelers. As a result of tactical successes in executing this strategy, a strong and positive brand identify for Curaçao will emerge to the benefit of investors that help create this reality.