Curacao's Investment Climate
  Sector Opportunities
Economic Development Agencies

The following Agencies are available to assist you with your investment:

The Marubeni-Aqualectra Economic Development Partnership
Private Economic Development Partnership

This web site is sponsored by the Marubeni-Aqualectra economic development partnership.

The Marubeni-Aqualectra Economic Development Partnership is a community development initiative of Marubeni's Curaçao Utilities Operating Company, "CUOC," and Aqualectra. As part of these two utilities companies' corporate policy, an economic development program has been undertaken which is deemed to be in the interest of their stakeholders for three reasons:

It grows the industrial base increasing the demand for their services
It benefits the communities in which they operate
It is part of being a corporate good citizen

Marubeni's and Aqualectra's Economic Development Team is available to assist you with your investment activities in Curacao . We offer a private company perspective as well as that of a foreign investor. We look forward to supporting and facilitating your investment-related activities in Curacao by providing advice, making introductions to key government and business leaders, providing guidance with respect to local business practices, and providing private professional support through our economic development contractors.

Please contact us at the following locations:

At Aqualectra:

At Marubeni:

Curacao Trade & Investment - Geo Strategy Partners
For trade and investment inquiries and support in the U.S., contact Marubeni & Aqualectra's Trade and Investment Consultant:
Geo Strategy Partners
Mark Towery
Managing Director
7840 Roswell Road
Building 300, Suite 350
Atlanta, GA 30350
T: 770-650-8495
C: 404-372-3686
F: 678-441-9417

For local intelligence In Curaçao, contact Marubeni's Public Relations firm:
Stradius Public Relations

The Curaçao Chamber of Commerce
The Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the voice of private enterprise in Curaçao. The Chamber represents the general interests of the business community, keeps a complete roster of Curaçao businesses, and provides services to local and international companies and individuals with an interest in doing business in, from or through Curaçao.

The curacao Tourist Board

The Curaçao Tourist Board promotes the Curaçao tourism brand around the world and provides support services to tourists and investors in the tourism sector.

The Curaçao Ports Authority & Curaçao Port Services Inc.
CPA: The harbor authority in Curaçao is the Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) N.V.
Since 1982, the CPA, a limited liability company whose main shareholder is the island government of Curaçao, has managed Curaçao's ports. CPA is a landlord port authority, owning infrastructure and most of the superstructure of the ports. The facilities are leased out to private operators

CPS: The Curaçao Port Services Inc. (CPS) N.V. manages the Willemstad Container Terminal and other cargo facilities in Port of Willemstad based on a concession agreement with CPA, since 1983. The Port of Willemstad's strategic geographical location with respect to the United States, South America and Europe is one of the major factors that has contributed in making Curaçao such an important regional transshipment hub for container shipping

Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association, "CHATA"is a private sector organization that advances the hospitality and tourism sector by enhancing its business environment for the benefit of its members and the economic growth of Curaçao. CHATA's purpose is to:
Provide a tourism forum for its members
Promote cooperation among its members
Assist in promoting business for its members
Foster goodwill towards the tourism industry

Curinde N.V. is an abbreviation of Curaçao Industrial & International Trade Development Co. N.V. Curinde is the managing company of the Harbor Free Zone, the Airport Economic Zone and the Industrial Parks. Curinde provides professional support to parties interested in establishing a presence in one of these parks.