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How can the Chamber be of service to you?

The Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry is there for you, to guide and to help you as an entrepreneur. It is the fi rst contact point for both native and foreign entrepreneurs starting on Curaçao. The primary concern of The Chamber is the general interest of the entrepreneurial society, particularly
that of small and medium size corporations.

The Chamber is an international concept, yet governed by state laws, which implies that it has been
established by the government with the purpose of executing different assignments. One such is the Commercial Register, which fulfi lls an important role in facilitating business matters. This entity keeps account of new companies, already existing ones and those out of business as well. Another key role of The Chamber of Commerce is to supply information and offer advice, in addition to issuing documents
and declarations. The organization of congresses, lectures, courses, and trade missions are also part of its services.

Guidelines on implementing back-up tools for business life is another focus. A very good example is the Administration Aid Program which provides each business person with an overview of his own administration with the aim of utilizing fi nancial data for internal processes. Another case is ‘Webstart’,
a fund that aids in the setting up a website by subsidizing up to 60% of the total costs.

Literature and Magazines
The use of the library of the Chamber of Commerce is for free. Information on both local and international fields as well as profi les of local business are provided. Additionally, the possibility of
consulting and posting business opportunities is available.

Investing on Curaçao?
The island offers lots of opportunities for (starting) entrepeneurs. At the moment, there is a daily influx of business ideas. This comes as no surprise, since the economy is growing, unemployment has decreased and confi dence in the island has increased. There is a great deal of investment in tourism and in the hotel and catering industry. Current opportunities are abundant and can only improve with the prospect of the boosting tourism.

How to start?
Depending on the size and type of business, there are certain rules that should be taken into consideration at the very start. The establishment of a corporation takes place through a notarial deed.
The most used legal persons by investors are:

• Public limited liability corporation
• Private limited liability corporation
• Private foundation

Business start-up procedures
Entrepreneurs aiming at conducting a business on Curacao are required to go through some steps before becoming operational. The fi rst step is to engage the services of a notary, who will consequently
establish the company.

The most important licenses when incorporating a company are:
• The business license from the Island Executive Council, allowing the corporation to operate on Curaçao
• A director’s license for a non-Antillean managing director
• A work and residence permit for the managing director

Depending on activities other licenses may apply. The notary will also take care of registering the company at the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The initial registration fee and the annual
contribution to the Commercial Register, vary between US$34 and US$550, depending on the amount of invested capital. Notary fees depend on the work required, and the time spent in organizing the incorporation, as well as the actual authorized capital (minimum notary fee is US$ 1,160).

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