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Entrepreneurship should be dealt with professionally

The idea of entrepreneurship is challenging. Attaining such a worthwhile goal, therefore, entails taking care of business in a professional manner. Well known stories of companies failing at their inception are not rare. On the other hand, pleasant stories as in the case of the Mc Aully brothers come as no surprise. The custom made policy of Regimac Enterprises has met with great success.

Regimac, a company specializing in glass, windows and doors; began four years ago on Curaçao. Ivan and Reginald McAully had the necessary experience in this fi eld. They went about preparing the groundwork by designing a business plan and carrying out market research. The initiative led to a focus on custom made articles, a ‘breach in the market’ at the time. ‘Of course with a customer friendly policy (listening to prospective clients over a cup of coffee or tea) means total satisfaction is guaranteed’, says Ivan.

The McAully brothers saw the need for custom made windows and doors, especially in the area of small and medium size projects. Their website provides professional and careful advice in this area. Moreover, because their policy of not sparing on technology, online requests are speedily resolved via

Protection policies
Entrepreneurship entails envisioning, a diffi cult aspect from time to time, especially since the political and economic situation on Curaçao are undergoing some important changes. For this reason, the McAully’s believe in the need for protection policies in this regard.

Fortunately, the economic situation on the island is in good shape at the moment, a condition that lays a fi ne ground for competition and ‘this can only be good’, says Ivan McAully.

Going smoothly
Regimac had a smooth startup period.
‘We had no problems with bureaucratic procedures, even the process of obtaining permits went without complications.

Likely, ‘we started at the right time and at the right place. We knew the major details of the programs of the Chamber of Commerce and its aid, but had no need to utilize this provision. Rather, due to our timely experience, our company was soon going strong’.

A tip not only for beginners, but also for experienced entrepreneurs: ‘Believe in your own product and go about it professionally.

Start as early as possible with marketing and promotional campaigns.

Do not underestimate these tools, considering them unnecessary costs. It is important for you to be convinced about your own product and your worth as a businessperson. It’s about who you are and what you stand for!’.

Regimac, Curaçao
Kaminda Elektrishèn 765
P.O. Box 8170, Curaçao
Tel.: + 599 9 462.8606