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It may take some effort to cross the borders of an island like Curaçao. No matter whether you leave or arrive, you can either chose to swim, but we
recommend you to travel by boat or take a plane. However, there is a great reward for the effort. Visiting the island you will discover that Curaçao is an island with highly educated people, a solid
economy and a balanced democracy. Thus: the perfect destination for many tourists and business travelers and a great place for local people
to live. Leaving the island you will realize once more that Curaçao is strategically situated between the two Americas and surrounded by
hundreds of islands in the Caribbean Sea.

By disseminating a lot of information, this magazine is intended to showcase this island, its inhabitants and its businessmen and -women. It’s an island with many possibilities for local entrepreneurs as well as for international businesses, looking for a strategically located base in the region. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Curaçao considers this magazine as one of its tools to inform and to promote and stimulate businesses on Curaçao, in addition to its other responsibilities such as the registration
of new businesses and advising the government on subjects which infl uence the business
environment on our island.

In this fi rst edition you will fi nd a story about the Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago which was
recently acquired by the Royal Bank of Canada, about the prestigious Renaissance Hotel which
will welcome its fi rst visitors in 2009 and about the Wine Factory, a local company promoting
many famous and unknown wines. The magazine also features an in-depth story about the solid
economic performance of Curaçao. Despite a dampening effect of soaring oil prices, the island
with its historic buildings and white sandy beaches attracts more and more tourists and international
businesses, giving our economy a well-deserved boost. Many people fi nd employment in related
sector and business confi dence is better than ever.

Furthermore, this magazine provides information about interesting seminars and conferences,
international developments and the activities of business associations. In that regard we will also
keep a close eye on the possible consequences of the international fi nancial crisis, but for the time
being our fi nancial sector is not affected directly by those developments overseas.

All together, this magazine paints the perfect picture of an island you really should visit or take
your business to. The big reward makes it hardly an effort
Ruud Thuis // Chairman of
Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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