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The Curaçao Government is focused on developing economic growth by attracting industries and promoting international trade. Initiatives to attract foreign investors to Curaçao include the Economic Zones and the Industrial Zone.

Curaçao Trade Data
Agriculture - products: aloes, sorghum, peanuts, vegetables, tropical fruit
Exports: $303 million (f.o.b., 1998)
Exports - commodities: petroleum products 98% (1993)
Exports - partners: US 17.5%, Guatemala 8%, Costa Rica 6.5%, The Bahamas 4.6%, Jamaica 4.1%, Chile 3.4% (1998)
Imports: $1.3 billion (c.i.f., 1998)
Imports - commodities: crude petroleum 64%, food, manufactures (1993)
Imports - partners: Venezuela 35.3%, US 21%, Mexico 9.8%, Italy 5.4%, Netherlands 4.8%, Brazil 3.1% (1998)
The Harbor and the Airport Economic Zone export on a yearly basis approximately US$200 million.