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  Curaçao enjoys a well-developed infrastructure as compared with other countries in the region. Power and water production and distribution are handled by a partnership between Marubeni and Aqualectra.

Mirant Corporation, through a partnership with Mitsubishi , acquired 25.5 percent ownership interest in Curaçao Utilities Company (CUC) in September 2001. In December 2001, Mirant also acquired a preferred equity interest in Aqualectra. The shares of Mirant in Curacao were sold to Marubent in 2007. The two companies, Marubeni and Aqualecta, coordinate and combine their efforts in the production and distribution of Curaçao's power and water.

Note: Curaçao's tap water is distilled seawater, this ensures safe and palatable drinking water for all who visit and live on the island.