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  In so far as the Netherlands Antilles applies the common import tariff of the EU single market, it can freely export products into the EU which it has sourced externally, without additional processing. Products originating in the Netherlands Antilles, or which have undergone “substantial economic transformation” there, have EU origin. This provides Curaçao direct access to the European Union (EU), which currently consists of approximately 360 million consumers. This indeed is a privileged trade relationship with the EU and investors to the island will also have access to these potential consumers. Curaçao's special access to the EU is a result of the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) arrangement.

the world Curaçao was once a haven for international trade throughout the history of the Caribbean; the island's location makes it a perfect air-and-sea hub for the Latin American and Caribbean markets, which has a combined population of more than 460 million people. Globalization today puts Curaçao once again in a position to be a major trading center for most products destined for the South, Central and Caribbean markets.

Furthermore, Curaçao is also able to take advantage of a favored relationship with the United States market, which consists of over 300 million inhabitants. This trade relationship is a direct payoff resulting from the 1990 Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI II), the CBI allows most exports to enter the United States duty free.

These trends, in combination with the various international trade relationships, gives Curaçao the unique ability to trade with over one billion potential customers while avoiding high tariffs.